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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: group lessons!
Category: General Questions
From: cameron  schmitz (Boston, Ma)

may sound absurd but a thousand (make that a million) guitarists from wherever would die for a weekend to study with you. Imagine a select few being able to be with you in a comfortable setting and doing intense group lessons on topics like composition, motivic development, arranging, instrumentation, chord progressions and origin/influences of sounds, solo-ing, comping, single-string ideas, rhythm-section playing, solo guitar, chord solos, Wes and Jim, right-hand rhythms and special techniques/ nuances, etc. The lucky few would have at you for 2 days totalling several hours and all this would be video-taped and made available to the public as a series (part 1 and part 2). If you ever did something of this nature, please consider me as a student for the "lecture"! Sincerely, Cameron S. Schmitz Peabody, MA

Pat’s Answer:

actually, that sounds like fun - it has been about 10 years since i did anything like that, and i'm kind of getting the itch to do it again. who knows, maybe we can organize something through the web site....