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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Larry Grenadier
Category: Other Musicians
From: franck wilmart (France)

Dear Pat, For "New Chautauqua", homepage in french language of the french PMG fan club, i have done an interview of Larry Grenadier 3 weeks ago. I had the chance to see him in Patis with Brad Mehldau : he is fantastic ! The last time i heard such a great bass player, it was Charlie Haden (with Brad and Lee Konitz). I would have your opinion about him ( on a musical point of view - as human being , i know he is a really kind person): how will you descibe him as bass player and why has you choiced him for your new trio ? I hope you will come in France in 1999 with this trio. AmitiƩs de France et du Fan club

Pat’s Answer:

larry was such a joy for me to play with and to be around - i really think the world of him as a musician and as a person. and he is very original, which is so rare - i can't really think of anyone who plays quite like him which is such an accomplishment. the other great thing about larry live, is that he plays BIG - he understands the role of the bottom and it allows me the chance to do alot of things that go beyond what a normal jazz trio thing might. he is also just an intelligent and thoughtful guy, which always helps the music.