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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Official Bootlegs
Category: Recordings
From: Jim Bricker (San Jose, CA USA)

Hi Pat, have you considered a route similar to Robert Fripp (Discipline Global Mobile) and forming a small record company to release items that the majors wouldn't normally touch (like a live ID video). By utilizing word of mouth, this web site and future PM releases thru WB and others, I imagine that sufficient orders and income can be generated to not make this a losing proposition. Such a venture will also cut down on the demand for bootlegs - why wouldn't fans want to give their money directly to the artist? Thanks for sharing your gift... Warm regards, Jim B.

Pat’s Answer:

hi jim,

i suppose anything is possible, but right off the top of my head,this does not seem like such a great idea to me - you should check out the thread where i talk about bootlegs in general - in there i address the idea of what a record release represents to me. if we were to just start releasing everything, i think the real hard core fans would dig it, but you would run the risk of oversaturation. this may become a nonissue sooner or later, as the whole means of music distrubution changes over the next five years changes - and it will be a radical change. we'll see what happens - we do have A LOT of tapes.....