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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Your own stereo system
Category: General Questions
From: Shelly  Holmes (Greenville Tx USA)

What kind of stereo system do you have at home? Is it solid-state or tube equipment? Could you go in to some detail about each of the components?

Also, what are your feelings about vinyl?

Pat’s Answer:

it's based around the denon preamp that is out now that also supports 5.1 stuff for video. actually my system is very good, but i still find that i really prefer listening on very small systems-like a ghetto blaster or even a car system. it just seems more real to me there. or, in the studio on a pair of great HD-1's or something. vinyl? a new pressing on an amazing turntable and system is great. is it practical? no. i like cds.