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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Sick in Birmingham
Category: General Questions
From: rick  boone (Gallipolis, OH)

Pat, I was looking through your recent postings and read your response to "Sick on the Road." I was amazed that you would recall the specific tour dates during which you couldn't play. But what made the recollection especially interesting was that I was in attendance at Brother's in Birmingham the night you were sick. As I recall your stand-in was a sax player. Could that be right? If so, do you recall who he was? By the way, sometime during that same period I saw the Group at the Fox in Atlanta with Steve Morse and Alan Sloan of the Dixie Dregs opening the show. They were a splendid opener, and, perhaps it was was the enthusiasm of my youth (we are comtemporaries), but that show is still recalled with special fondness as having a unique and joyful exuberance. On more than one occasion I have wished you could somehow bring together ALL the wonderful musicians who have been important contributors to the Pat Metheny Group. Happy Holidays!

Pat’s Answer:

hi rick,

wow, that is amazing. i think, from what those guys said, there were only about 30 people there that night, so it is a small world for you to read this.

i am pretty sure the sax player was gary campbell, although what he was doing in birmingham, i'm not sure. i don't remember too much about anything - that was the sickest i have ever been - i ended up staying there for a few days, the band went on ahead to the next town, and i then ended up having to go to the hospital where they gave me some kind of miracle shot that almost immediately fixed everything. i did lose 10 pounds in 3 days though, i remember that.

yes, i do remember the show with the dregs - we were all good friends, especially steve and i who had been in miami at the same time before that and used to play together sometimes. to this day, he is one of the single most talented musicians i have ever known.