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--- Oct 18 2006 Go to category
Subject: Jimmy Page
Category: Other Musicians
From: Erik  Haddad (US)

Hi Pat,

I was wondering what you think of Jimmy Page. It seems to me that there are very few guitarists who are so gifted in so many areas of guitar playing (i.e. songwriting, fingerstyle, acoustic, improvisational,cultural, etc). Thanks for the insight, Erik

Pat’s Answer:

led zeppelin was a band that i should probably be an expert on since i am right of that generation and was an avid listener during their peak - but during those years i was just not that interested in rock music. however, even being less than interested, when i heard “black dog” and a few other of their hits, i became a fan. and even though i know it is probably the most played guitar solo of all time,etc. etc and it is probably totally unhip to even say this - but the solo on “stairway to heaven” is slamming! i have heard a few other things over the years (something with some moroccan guys and plant?) that were really cool.

best from pat