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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: NEW PROJECTS/ 'Jim Hall and Pat Metheny", "A Map of the World", Cassandra Wilson, upcoming sideman appearances,
Category: General Questions

Hi Pat,i'm always amazed about what is going to come next. can you tell what are your current projects for the next year?

thanks a lot! always and forever Carlo

Pat’s Answer:

hi carlo,

always nice to hear from you.. (carlo is a longtime friend of the pmg and one of our favorite people)

well, let's see. i finished up the jim hall record a month ago - i am so excited about this one - it is a really special record for me, of course, because jim is one of my true heros and certainly my favorite guitar player. it is all just straight duets, no overdubs or added parts of any kind. there is a lot of variety, ranging from us playing standards to original and even some free stuff that is pretty cool. about half the record was from the studio and the rest was taken from the 2 days of concerts that we did in pittsburg. jim sounds great on there, and i think it really captures the thing of what he and i can do as duo really well. it is called simply "jim hall and pat metheny" and it will come out on telarc in the late winter/early spring i guess.

i am currently working on a film score for a new movie called "a map of the world" based on the bestseller of the same name by jane hamilton. (a book i really suggest to all the readers out there - it is amazing). i am very honored to have been asked to do this film - it stars sigourney weaver and julianne moore and it is some of sigourney weaver's best work ever. it is a very midwestern story.

another exciting thing that is ongoing is the work on lyle's new solo record. (and i know that you are a big fan of his carlo). it should come out next summer. it is a fascinating look into a harmonic language that lyle has been developing over the past 10 years or so that is just so interesting. it is just solo piano - but solo midi-piano, something i have never heard anyone seriously deal with until this record.

i also played on cassandra wilson's next record which will be coming out soon too - that was really fun for me, cause i am a huge fan of her music and it was really nice to be in the studio with her. it is her long awaited record of her versions of miles davis tunes. (i played on "blue in green")

i am helping mike brecker plan his next record, which i will be playing on in april. (it is going to be really cool!)

i was supposed to join kenny garrett's quartet for an album in january - but with the tragic loss of kenny kirkland recently, i don't know what will happen with that. kenny k. was one of the best piano players i had ever had the chance to work with with and i was so looking forward to that session....

there's more too! but that's enough for now....

ciao from pat m.