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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: The Epic
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Nandan Gautam (Washington DC)

Hi Pat,

I know that American Garage is not one of your favorite albums but I think this tune is really jamming. Moreover, I think this is one of your best solos. You have gotten such feeling and raw emotion on that solo (I feel the guitar literally cries out...). Also, like you mentioned about soloing...this solo is organic and unfragmented inspite of your unbridled and uncompromising attitude to play every idea that came into your head with honesty and without restraint and YET tell a complete story. A very rare combination, IMHO. I'm curious to know what you feel about this solo? Thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

thanks nandan. well, i would have to listen to it again i guess!! my main memory of that track is that we were really rushing! i think i was just trying to keep up.

i did just listen to that record and track for the first time in many years recently while working on the songbook. my reaction to it now, was that by the time it was over, i was on the floor doubled over in laughter!!. everything about it sounded hysterically funny to me. i guess that is good, right? we were really young then, and it sounds like it. i am glad when i listen to that stuff now that we were enjoying our "youngness" and playing with it instead of pretending to be fifty year old guys, like so many 20 something jazz guys often do these days. on the other hand, i wish we hadn't been quite so "unbridled" i guess, and a little more "restrained"!! but that is probably just me. mainly, i am glad you like it so much.