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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: A.C. Jobim Tribute
Category: Other Musicians
From: Fred Morales (Houston, Texas)

I frequently listen to the album "A Twist of Jobim" and have always wondered why you weren't a part of that effort. I know he represented a great influence in your work and I love your rendition of "Insensitive". Any plans to do a "Tribute" album to, not only Jobim, but others who have influenced your style as well? If so, put me down for a copy right now. Keep up the great work!

Pat’s Answer:

hi fred,

at this point, virutually everyone on the planet has done a jobim tribute (i am waiting for the nashville jobim tribute) - there are just too many. i think i have been invited to participate in at least a dozen of them over the past four years. my own personal tribute to him myself is to try to write and improvise good melodies, melodies that aspire to the same level of detail that his best music always evoked. i will always play those songs live - but i have no plans for a record of them.