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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: 42-string pikasso guitar
Category: Guitars
From: David Suspanic (San Francisco)

Pat: I was wondering a few things about your 42-string pikasso guitar built by Linda Manzer. First of all, how did you come up with the concept? Did you have something in mind along the lines of a harp guitar similar to the one used by the late Michael Hedges? Also, how long has been in your 'arsenal'? I think the first time you used it was on Badlands on PMG's 'Quartet' is that accurate? Lastly, do you have any future plans to compose pieces on it in the future ie: Into the Dream? I think your live version during the ID tour and with the trio recently, was phenomenal! I said to one of my friends, that you should just do an all 42-string pikasso tour! (hahaha!) Thanks Pat!

Pat’s Answer:

hi david,

i do love that instrument. i have occasionally used harp-guitars since 1973 - but first recorded with one on watercolors in 1977 - this evolved from those. it has actually been around for a long time - i first used it on song x in 1985. (the tune was mob job) it was an idea i had since the early 70's and those harpguitar experiences - i even tried to have someone make it then, the guitarmaker took my money and disappeared! then, i talked to linda about, and she seemed game - she took my basic idea and made a great instrument. the reason i didn't play it more until this year was that i couldn't really figure out how to tune it. during the making of kenny garrett's record "pursuance", i found a way of tuning it and playing it that was new for me - this is on the tune "after the rain" - since then, and during the tour with kenny i have been finding a way to play it that is still evolving.