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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Participation with groups like Sixun ?
Category: Other Musicians
From: Stephane Grienenberger (Hirsingue, France)

Hello Pat,

I'm very happy to be able to communicate with you. First I want to tell you that I found the show in Strasbourg (France, the 14th February) really great !! Thanks a lot ! Would it be possible for you one day to play with french groups like Sixun, or with the guitarist of the group, Louis Winsberg, or with its keyboardist Jean-Pierre Como. They are all great musicians and it would probably be a great experience to play with them. Or another guitarist which is also the official demonstrator for Godin Guitars, Sylvain Luc (his last solo album is wonderfull). Sylvain and Louis played together on an album with only guitars, this album is called Petits Deja, and I easy imagine that you could do such an album with one of them. By the way, do you know them ?

See ya on your European tour 99 ;)) A great fan, Stephane.

Pat’s Answer:

hi stephane, i am a fan of the group sixun - it is a band that i think a lot of the american fans of the pmg who might not be familiar with them would really enjoy. the guitar player, louis winsberg, is certainly one of the best players in france and i always really enjoy hearing him. thanks for listening!