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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Press and ink
Category: General Questions
From: Christopher Blair (Springfield, Ore.)

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you and the group how much I love your work. My dad dragged me to one of your concerts when I was 17, and I was hooked. Twelve years later, your group's music has inspired interest for me in playing the guitar, experimenting with jazz, blues and other forms of music, and I wanted to say thanks. My question: You guys don't seem to be as well-known in the general population as some far-less talented musicians (if you can call some of them that). I realize this isn't a goal of yours, but suppose one of your tracks got picked up and started getting top-40 airplay, and people everywhere could get "Come with Me" or "Roots of Coincidence" next to their Madonna or Will Smith. Would exposing your music to a wider audience be a good thing, or would be negative, or neither? (Not to equate you with Kenny G, but he got some airplay a few years back, and now he's sort of regarded in by the teeming millions in rather harsh terms.) Thanks for putting up with a convoluted question. Come back to Eugene sometime! cpb

Pat’s Answer:

hi christopher,

if what you said were to happen, which is very unlikely the way the world is these days, but two things would happen - we would have more people be hip to who we were, which would be good, because i have always felt that there are literally millions of people out there that if they knew that music like what we have presented over the past 25 years even existed, they would dig it - (not just us, dozens of other artists who are basically unknown to the "teeming millions" as you put it.)

the second thing is, another group (probably louder) would hate us. they also don't know who we are right now. within that subgroup of people who would hate us, would be (the loudest) people who would hate us BECAUSE the other teeming millions liked us.

it is pretty good the way it is now - but we do need you all to tell all of your friends about us in order to survive and stay somewhere near the level we are right now.