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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: standarts, noa and more
Category: General Questions
From: zachi panigel (israel)

hello pat, i would like to say that your "secret story" tour in israel (your 2nd visit in israel) was a dream come true! why you not coming again to israel? you have a lot of fans in here!!! also, we the israeli were very proud that you produce an album for "noa" - it was a great contribution from you. are you planning to produce another album for noa, and maybe even play with her... (it will be exciting). and i think i have and idea for a record- a "standarts" album!!! in your "question and answer" albums you play "all the things you are" - we the jazz guitar players were thrilled!!! (we learn a lot!!) why you don't make an album of your favorite standarts - it will be a dream come true for you worldwide fans! i hope you will come to israel in any group format (it's been so long from your last visit). thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

hi zachi,

i miss israel - it is such an amazing place - and both trips i have made there have been real highlights for me - especially the secret story tour with that concert in the garden by the old wall in jeruselum. as far as an album of standards goes.... hmm. it seems that that is all anyone has been doing for the past 30 years or so sometimes, and i guess i feel like one more isn't really needed even thought i love playing those tunes that i have actually been playing the longest. who knows, maybe.....