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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Eberhard Weber
Category: Other Musicians
From: Peter Dick (Toronto/Canada)

Pat, I've always loved Eberhard Weber both for his bass playing, and especially for his composing on his own albums. "Silent Feet" is a real favourite, and I've often felt that Rainer Bruninghaus and Lyle come from similar places stylistically in their piano playing. I've sometimes felt I can detect a bit of composing influence from Weber in your writing - the intro to Minuano (Six Eight) reminds me a bit of "Fluid Rustle", etc. "Watercolours" is a very special CD to me, particularly as it brings 2 of my favourite musicians together. My question is whether you keep in touch with Eberhard, and whether you guys might get together on some future project? Cheers.

Pat’s Answer:

hi peter, i love eberhard's music, and yes, his influence on us is quite obvious. my personal favorite of his is 'the following morning', record that i have listened to hundreds of times. i also agree that lyle and rainer are somehow connected - i used to think when i first started the band that if i couldn't get lyle, i would try to get rainer. rainer is also one of the most musical synth orchestration guys around. to me, eberhard's group "colours" was one of the most unsung (at least here in america) bands of the 70's - it was an amazingly great band that featured the great soprano playing of charlie mariano. i rarely see eberhard, but i also remember the years we played together (he joined gary burtons band often for tours and record during the time i was there) with a lot of good memories.