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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Listening to Your Music? do you ever listen to your own records?
Category: General Questions
From: J J (USA)

Hi Pat-My question is do you have copies of all your recordings and do you ever listen to them? What are you currently listening to nowadays?

Pat’s Answer:

hi j,basically, i never listen to my own records after they are released. however, until the DAY they are released, i listen to them over and over again. i guess that i feel that once they are "out there", they are no longer mine, and are part of the world at large. there are a few exceptions to this. one is the duet record with charlie which i still listen to a lot. part of the reason i think, is that we didn't do a tour, so the only versions of those songs that exist are on that record. mostly though, if i have any time to listen to a record at all, i would rather hear someone else play, since i hear myself in my head pretty much 24 hours a day, usually sounding quite a bit better in my head than i actually sound, unfortunately, on any of my records!