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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Red Rocks
Category: Touring
From: Tom  Strauss (Denver)


I know you have played this venue a few times, sometimes booking it only to be rained out in the end. But when you did successfully get the weather to cooperate, these shows were the most magical of the many PMG shows I have seen. Indoors, while still wonderful, are not the same. I'm wondering if you will ever consider returning to Red Rocks. (by the way, the trio was fantastic in Ft. Collins)

Pat’s Answer:

i totally agree, red rocks is one of the best places to play anywhere - it is always memorable for us. the only problem we have is its size - it is really too big for us, and the promoter there always wants us to have another band on the bill with us (or us with another band) which actually doesn't really work out that well. but i hope someday maybe we will get to play there again. we used to play out in colorado all the time, it is more rare these days.