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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: budapest
Category: Other Musicians
From: Richard  Fordos (Dunakiliti/Hungary)

Hello Pat! One of my friend recorded that night in the Long Jazz club,after your brilliant concert in Budapest.You played with Elemer Balazs and Janos Egri,there are no words to express that feeling what you were bringing to the audience.Is it possible to play with them more and more,and come to Budapest sometimes?What is your opinion from Elemer and Janos,was it different to play with him,i think you really enjoyed it?!Thanks for the answer and your unique music,goodbye!

Pat’s Answer:

hi richard,

i have had the occasion to play with those guys a few times now (they are some incredible hungarian musicians) - and every minute that we were playing together was special. those guys really know how to listen, and they are all excellent soloists too. i love their "trio midnight" record as well. i hope i will get to see them and play with them again real soon.

best from pat