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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: July 13th in Philly many yrs ago
Category: Guitars
From: Tom  Brightman (USA)

Pat: Back in 1980 (I think that was the year) I saw you at the Mann Music Center in Philly (I actually went to see you and not Live Aid that day--but it was my birthday so what the heck, I ticked off my friends when they asked me what show I wanted to go to). You came onstage and announced that someone had stolen your axe. Did you ever get it back? Thanks for all the great albums over the years--still like 'New Chatauqua' the best--brings back memories. Thanks. Tom

Pat’s Answer:

hi tom,

i remember that day really well - and no, i never did get that guitar back. i really hope that i will someday too, and i am sure it is still out there, somewhere. it was the first ibanez pm model prototype, so it is a one of a kind thing. that one was the same shape as a 335, but blond with a thick body, not thin like a 335, more like a 175. it even says "pat metheny" on the little pearl inlay on the neck like ibanez signature guitars do. so, if anyone out there ever sees it or knows anything about about it.....let me know!!

thanks for listening and i am glad you enjoy the music!

best from pat