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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: a mystery solved & old dogs learn new tricks
Category: Inspiration
From: Frank Wiesler (Jupiter,FL)

This isn't a question, but a comment. I grew up listening to Al "JAZZBO" Collins on WNEW in the fifties. I was a Stan Kenton fan,(also Johnny Smith). And then I mellowed into middle age. Sometime in the 80'S I was hooked on a weekly NPR show running serialized stories. They did "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back" etc and another piece of science fiction called "A Canticle For Leibowitz" (Miller).(I later found the book) Every week they ended the program with this haunting melody that I loved but WHAT IS IT??. A mystery tune!! Fast forward a few years and I start hearing you on WLVE (LOVE 94) in Mia. My tastes have changed. It's like no jazz I have heard before & I love it. My wife & I go your your concert in downtown MIA following the Doug Flutie game winning pass for BC over UM. I buy the records & CD's & see all subsequent S. Fla. dates. Fast foreward to the 90's & I am able to buy "Off Ramp". I sit with earphones & eyes closed & with the first 2 seconds of "The Bat Part II" I have found my mystery tune. It seems I had fallen in love with your music (well one form from your highly diverse product) before I even knew you existed. I fell in love with the rest later. Of course I still love Stan & Miles & Bill Evans & Woody's last "Thundering Herd". I miss them all. Don't burn out.

Pat’s Answer:

hi frank,

that was a great note - i really appreciate it!! thanks for listening....

best from pat m.