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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: SONG BOOK 2/tab?
Category: Composing
From: bill bolden

Hi Pat.Thank you for all the music so far. I have a copy of the new song book and think that it is spot on(very good)! I read somewhere on these pages that, perhaps another book might be out at some stage to cover your stuff in greater depth. Please, please do not be tempted by your publisher to issue a Guitar Tab Book as I feel that this would encourage guitar students like myself to become lazy in learning new material. Your song book has helped me to revitalise my musical knowledge (scant as it is) and it has realy opened up new insights to the tunes. Congratulations to all on this worthwile publication.

Pat’s Answer:

hi bill,

glad you (and lots of other people who have written in) are enjoying the songbook - a lot of work went into that, and it is great to get the kind of positive feedback that we have been getting.

yes, there certainly will be an updated version of book as time goes on - i am guessing that after the next group record, combined with the music from the live trio record and the 8 or 10 tunes that we simply forgot or never got to, we will do a version 2.0. that will also give us a chance to fix the errors that are in there that we are already aware of.

as far as tab goes, i agree with you - i don't really support it myself. to me, i find myself thinking that piano players, trumpet players, sax players, etc. don't have a specific notation that is about which fingers to wiggle around - and for myself, traditional notation is just fine, in addition to being largely universal. guitar players just need to get with it and not get treated like they are mentally unable to deal with the reality of notation like everyone else does. i don't think you are doing anyone any favors by shielding them from the larger opportunities that being able to read conventional notation offers.