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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: Night turns into day
Category: Guitars
From: Mauro  Ferre' (Italy)

Dear Pat, I would like to know wich kind of acoustic guitar use in the marvellous track " Night turns into day " . Thank you very much. I love Muisic! I love Your Music. Ciao Mauro

Pat’s Answer:

hi mauro,

thanks for the compliment. the guitar on there is a nylon string classical made by linda manzer. it used to have a different (bigger) neck. a couple of years after she made it, i asked her if she could put one on there that was smaller, more like what was on some of my other non-classical guitars. she did - and it is now really one of my favorite instruments to play. in addition to having an ovation-style piezo pickup - i also have an internal microphrone built inside of the guitar - between the two, it really captures what is going on. this is the same guitar that is featured throughout "beyond the missouri sky", by the way.

thanks for writing in.