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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: fretless
Category: Guitars
From: jens elford (sweden)

Hi Pat. I´ve just removed the frets on my classical guitar, and I wonder if you have got any nice tunings for fretless playing? I also wonder what microphone to use? When playing with the band it´s easy to disapear in the drums. I´m looking forward to hear the new PMG album. Will PMG come to Sweden soon? Best wishes Jens.

Pat’s Answer:

my favorite tuning for the fretless is "in" !

best from pat

p.s. - yes, it IS hard to get it to sit on top of the drums, for me too. i use a piezo pickup more than a mic for live playing. i think that (the volume issue) is one (of the many) reasons that they invented frets in the first place.....