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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: guitar sound on "Faith Healer
Category: Guitars
From: CJ Shearn (Johnson City, NY )

Pat, a few friends and I, on X-mas eve were listening to "Faith Healer", and we all happened to be transfixed on the various sounds you get on your guitar, and since none of us are musicians, just music fanatics, we were just kinda listening really hard to how dense your guitar tone is on this track, and the dark textures suggesting an apocalyptic world. During that real intense section at approximately 9:18 into the piece a trumpet/brassy tone just kinda blasts out of nowhere, my friend asked if that was the guitar, and I nodded, and said it was either your VG 8 or your Synclavier(I remember you mentioning that you have that pick up for the VG 8 mounted on the Roland 303) so my question is, for a lot of those cool, weird sounds on that track, were you making use of the VG 8's capabilities for exclusively or using a combination of VG 8 with Synclavier? BTW, Trio Live absolutely smokes, great package design too! happy holidays!


Pat’s Answer:

hi cj,

thanks for listening. on "faith healer", it is pretty much all the vg-8 except for the final section where it goes to the roland for awhile, then back to the vg-8 for the melody.

i assume by "synclavier" you actually mean the roland gr-300 (the sound that i have used on a lot of tracks over the years) - the syclav guitar (featured on the end of "praise", melody of "daulton lee", etc) hasn't seen much action since the mid 80's - there are other systems out there now that work much better for that sort of thing (the triggering of more traditional synths). the roland gr-300 on the other hand has never really been equaled in my opinion.