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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Vices and Jazz
Category: General Questions
From: John Santarsieri (Boston)

Pat- I've read in a couple of different places, one being an interview, that you're a pretty straight ahead clean guy, never dabbling in drinking, drugs or any of that stuff. First I'd just like to say I think that is awesome man. Knowing that this awesome music I hear each day is produced by a guy who's down to earth and has his head on straight is fantastic- for me it gives the music more meaning that you never gave into that crap, that plays a big part of many jazz musician's lives. Do you choose to live that way really because you feel you're able to produce better music, and it's not for moral reasons? I'd think that life in general is better. What got you on that path? - parents, etc? And, has it been frustrating through out the years to admire a lot of really gifted musicians that for one reason or another gave into that stuff? Was it ever hard at times to not sway that way yourself? I think you really got your head on straight and you seem to really appreciate and know how awesome life can be! thanks for all- john

Pat’s Answer:

hi john,

well thanks, but in my case it is more like apathy towards those "vices" as you call them. i really don't care one way or the other about what people do or don't do, and really don't even endorse one way of being over another - i think everyone has their own path and their own way of doing things and there are many ways that we can all go through life. in my case, i was just never interested at all in changing my groove - and i have always been pretty happy with things. personally, i don't really like to be around people who are drunk or high that much because i was around a lot of them, on the bandstand and off, as i was coming up as a musician in kansas city - and usually as the night wore on, the music would get worse instead of better - that became a practical lesson for me, since all i really wanted to do was play good - that was the most fun thing for me. i will admit though, as i am getting older, i am getting to the point where i don't want be around people who drink a lot or get high a lot at all. it's just not my thing.