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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Prince
Category: Other Musicians
From: Eddie Yoon (Scottsdale, U.S.A.)

Hello again and thank you for your answer regarding Steve Vai. That was very interesting. Another all-around musician I admire greatly in the pop genre is Prince. Do you see the pattern? I see you in jazz the way I'd see Steve Vai in hard rock and Prince in pop -- constantly innovating, bucking the trends but still firmly committed to his roots, stretching boundaries, and pushing oneself as far as he can artistically. What are your thoughts on Prince as a musician/composer/producer? I don't expect any comments regarding his image, his demeanors, etc. JUST HIS MUSIC. Thank you, Pat.

Pat’s Answer:

not too keep sounding like i like everyone (i don't at all), but everyone keeps asking about musicians that i actually DO like a lot - like prince.

he is amazing to me - especially his earlier stuff, but even now, he is a true virtuouso of the groove. he should branch out more, i feel like there is so much he could do that he doesn't do because he feels like he needs to make hits. (one of the luxuries we have as jazz guys is that no one expects us to have hits, so we can do what we want and no one thinks we've totally lost it if a record doesn't do as well as the last one. it is harder and harder to be a pop, rock or r and b guy these days for that reason - it's all about hits, and only hits)