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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Falcon and the Snowman
Category: Film Work
From: Warren  Goldberg (Marlton/NJ)

Hi Pat....I have a question on one of the greatest soundtracts to a movie I have ever heard. At the end of the movie when Daulton and his friend are being led down the hallway in chains the background music (if I am not mistaken ) is the Bat PT2 from OFFRAMP. Her is the question (actualy two)...One...why was this left out of the soundtrack and Two why did you title it The Bat Pt2 (Were is PT1) Thanx alot for years of listening enjoyment and can't wait untill you return to Philadelphia..were I have never missed one of your shows...Have a Great Holiday and a Inspirational New Year....

Warren Goldberg

Pat’s Answer:

hi warren,

in fact, they had used that piece (the bat part 2, from offramp - another version of the same song "the bat" is on 80/81) in their temp score. lyle and i wrote another cue for the end of the movie that was much better than that - that was based on the psalm at the top of the movie that we wrote for a boys choir. when i shelled out my 5 bucks (at the time) to see the movie in the theatre, they had put back in the "temp" track because they thought it "played" better. we're STILL pissed!!