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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Mark Ledford & Thus Spake Z
Category: Participating Musicians
From: Christine  Louton (USA)

Pat, Is Mark Ledford the M. Ledford on the Thus Spoke Z acid jazz CD? If so, were you at all involved with this outstanding work? It's a curiosity that something so good was immediately out of print and the "group" never did anything else together. It can be found on tape but not CD on but everyone we've talked to said it was a one time deal. Thanks for any information. A long time loyal fan, Christine Louton

Pat’s Answer:

hi christine, i really don't know whether that is led on there - could well be, there was a time he was doing a lot of session stuff. it would make sense to me that he would be on a tune most commonly associated with outer space - perfect for him actually!