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--- Mar 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: REUNION
Category: General Questions
From: Craig Meier (Columbus)

I don't here much talk about this recording in the garage. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I've got to tell you though that for me this disc is the whole package. I listen over and over and just never get tired of the awesome solo work you and Gary offer.

I am not a big fan of the electric Bass sound but I over look it on this disc. The musical pieces were so well thought out and just seem to be written for your guitar style and Gary's Vibes.

Anyway, I was wondering about your thought on this disc and am hoping that you incorporate some of these toons on future tours with the group. In fact, for me you have so much music out there that I would just rather here you play a combination of all your works in concert than have a new album to digest. Wait a minute what am i saying. That's not true because i think the music needs to evolve but I am happy with what you have already done.

I will never get through all those Miles disc or Bill Evans anymore but I guess half the fun is trying.

Thanks for the time and hope to see you in Columbus, Ohio again soon. We all love the Vibe.


Pat’s Answer:

hi craig,

that was a special record for me - and it was really the record i had been waiting to make with gary for many years. the records i made with him when i was actually a member of his band were fine, i even like them - but they never totally captured the rapport that i think gary and i had from the beginning.

gary remains one of my real heroes as a musician - his bands were always among my favorites and his skills as an improvisor leave me still somewhat awestruck. when you play with someone night after night after night, you really get to see what the REAL deal is - and i don't know that i have ever been around someone who has the wellspring of harmonic - and especially melodic - resources that gb does.

and as much as i liked reunion, i think i liked "like minds" even better. maybe you would like that too.

glad you enjoyed it!

best from pat