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--- Apr 09 2001 Go to category
Subject: the silent alarm; release?
Category: Film Work
From: mark abberley (seattle, washington)

dear pat i believe i have been to every pmg show here in seattle since bumbershoot and you and lyle are in my life almost every day to brighten an often stressful world,just want to thank you both.i also love you're film work and recently caught a rare viewing of 'the silent alarm'. you treated the story with such musical sensitivity and sweetness, i can not get the theme out of my head. do you think you will ever release this music with or without extended treatments. i realize you probably have many projects... i will be patient. peace,love, and many thanks...sincerly, mark

Pat’s Answer:

hi mark,

i don't know what ever happened to that piece - i would love to see it get released someday myself. it was one of those projects that i had to do REALLY fast (it seems like film things are always like that) and also that i really enjoyed working with the director a lot (rob morrow). i doubt that i would ever release that music outside of the context of the film itself - that is often a difficult transition to make, and in the case of that music it would especially be true.

glad you enjoyed it and the music in general!

best from pat