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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Kenny Wheeler, Ralph Towner etc.
Category: Other Musicians
From: pat  vargo (Birmingham, MI)

Hi Pat! First wanted to thank you for another year of great music and tours. I had a few questions: are you planning another album with Ornette and yourself? Also, I was wondering if you ever had an opportunity to play with Kenny Wheeler, what I love about your compositions is that there is always so much going on and Kenny's material is always on that same level. I was also curious if you have ever played with Ralph Towner.

Pat’s Answer:


i love kenny wheeler - he has been one of my favorite musicians since i first heard him in the 60's, and then later in the 70's. My favorite record of kenny's is one called "gnu high" with keith jarrett, dave holland and jack dejohnette. especially the tune "'smatter", which actually i have always wanted to record myself and i hope i will someday. kenny is one of the few post-freddie hubbard trumpet player's that has a truly modern harmonic conception combined with great time and a great feel. yes, i know ralph towner pretty well and used to play with him a long time ago when we were both playing with gary burton often. he is also one of my favorite composers, and my favorite record of his is "solstice" with jan garbarek.