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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: To Synth Or Not To Synth.
Category: Guitars
From: Marc  Schonbrun (Potsdam NY)

Do you find your phrasing/approach to playing changes depending on which guitar you play? When I play my Hollowbody or my GR-300, there is such a difference in the way I play, and I hear it in your playing too. My real question is, how do you decide which songs get Synth VS regular guitar solos? Your music has been a great deal of inspiration and motivation in my musical life. Long live the GR-300. Thanks alot. Marc Schonbrun

Pat’s Answer:

the song in question always seems to have a way of letting you know what instrument it wants to be played on. i always just try to follow the lead of the tune. but, i agree, they are totally different instruments and require a whole different approach. same with nylon string vs. steel string, etc. each one needs it's own sound and touch.