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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: part 2 of zero tolerance for silence
Category: Specific Tunes
From: greg delcore (Boston, MA)

hi pat, first i would like to say i think ztfs is one of my favorite offerings from you. i hear(and feel) something new and different everytime i liten to it. i was wondering how much of that recording was "improvised" and if any of it was pre arranged or worked out in advance. i ask this because part 2 it so lyrical and almost symphonic (well, to me at least). also it looks like you're playing a les paul on the incert of the CD, was this the first time you have recorded with one? it sounds really bad-ass! thanks pat for sharing your great music with all of us!!

sincerely, Greg Delcore

Pat’s Answer:

it was actually pretty much written out - not exactly in conventional notation, but more in the form of a shape that i had worked on for a few years before going in there to record it. within that form, there was a lot of room for improvising, while still sticking with the longer shape of the whole thing. i used to play a les paul all the time for about a year, when i was 18 or so - i had put the 175 under the bed for a year or so to try something different. i also have another les paul that i use on occasion (the sign of 4) that is fitted with a special tuning mechanism that allows me to switch tunings quickly and easily.