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--- Apr 28 2001 Go to category
Subject: About a Map of the world
Category: Film Work
From: Pablo Lopez (Brasil)

hi from Brasil again.I´ve been listening this cd and did you do to compose the strings .Did you write all voices ?It´s too beautifull .and makes me remember the last track of secret story...when are you coming to brasil again.. thanks for reading... Pablo

Pat’s Answer:

hi pablo,

thanks so much - i am really glad you enjoy it. that was quite a project, simply for the amount of music that i had to come up with in a very short amount of time, as is often the case with film projects. yes, i wrote "all the voices" as you say. writing for strings is one of the most attractive aspects of this kind of an assignment. due to the time crunch, i hired gil goldstein, a good friend of mine and a trusted collaborator, to take my notes and distribute them to the designated intstruments, make sure the individual parts are ready for copying, etc. - he is a fast worker and it would have been impossible to do it without him. one thing that is especially great about gil in that capacity is that he doesn't change anything! often with folks in that seat, they try to get some of their own "stuff" in there in the name of corrections or whatever. gil did a great job of getting it to sound just like i had written it and mocked up in advance. we were both under a lot of pressure, but also managed to have a lot of fun in the process, which is also important in those kinds of high pressure situations.