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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Good music?
Category: Musical Philosophy
From: Kjeld Hansen, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Pat, ist the question "What ist good music?" irrelevant, and if not how can it be answered?

Is it possible to put two pieces of music up against each other and determine which one is the better - objectively and regardless of taste?

Certainly time has proven the objective qualities of the music of Bach and Mozart, but the test of time can't be the only criteria to judge by, or ...?

Thanks for being such a wonderful person and musician :-)

- Kjeld

Pat’s Answer:

it's funny, i enjoy coming in here and answering these questions - i can usually come up with a fairly quick (sometimes glib) answer to most of the questions that folks in here pose to me - most of them have answers that i have even had to address somewhere before.

but this question is different, because i have no answer. for that matter, i don't think there is an answer that everyone could agree on. the only one that sort of comes to mind is the old cliche "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - meaning, that so much of our objective opinion making ablities are based on our own individual tastes, backgrounds, education, culture, etc.

but, i agree, there are things that it seems like everyone can agree on - bach, stevie wonder...... is there anyone else?

ok, just bach and stevie wonder!