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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Steve Blailock, Calvin Newborn
Category: Other Musicians
From: Brad Williams (Memphis, TN USA)

Yes, that was Tony Dagradi in Astral Project, and I agree that he, too is a great musician. I want to ask your opinion of another (recently relocated) New Orleans jazz player, guitarist Steve Blailock. I have had the fortune to jam with him at my school down here in southern MS, and I was impressed with the emotion, fire, and downright power he puts into his music. Have you ever heard him? Also, have you heard guitarist Calvin Newborn? (Yes, that's Phineas Newborn jr.'s brother) any thoughts on either of these guys?

Pat’s Answer:


i don't know steven, but he sounds interesting.

but i DO know about calvin - and i often list him in my list when people ask me to list my top 10 favorite guys on the instrument. i love the way calvin plays - to me, he is one of the best guitar players ever in jazz. i used to hear him with hank crawford all the time and always loved his touch and time feel. i wish more people were hip to him.