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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: New Chautauqua - fan club website
Category: General Questions
From: franck wilmart (FRANCE)

"Bonjour" Pat. When i had the chance to meet you in Paris (in a shop called FNAC), i spoke to you from a project i have to create a french homepage dedicated to the musicians of the PMG. This site is on line for 6 month. I am working with my friend Marek on other Project. it could seems curious for you but i would like to have your opinion about fan's club, fan's Newsletter , fans'Homepage ...etc

May i say that there is a lot of people , here in Europe, that can't wait to see you again here (with or without the band ) ! My e mail box is full since people knwos that the trio will come in Europe.

Thansk again for all the great moments of music you give us ! Franck

Pat’s Answer:

thanks, franck, and thanks for your interest and support with the web page. yes, i did go look at your site - and all i can say is that i appreciate all the work that must have gone into it. the fans in europe are just fantastic - we love playing over there, and i remember meeting you there with all of the fan club members in paris - which always kind of blows my mind that there IS a fan club! anyway, i am glad you all like the music so much - see you over there next time....