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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Wolf Trap and sound systems
Category: Touring
From: Christine Louton (USA)

I've seen you several times at Wolf Trap and was surprised the first time I saw someone else that it seems the sound system goes with the band. Your sound is always great the full move your body and soul kind. Theirs (Santana)sucked (it was tinny and flat. I'm so naive I thought that the concert hall took care of the sound system. What's amazing to me is the volume you achieve without seeming to have the hurt your ears of just LOUD. Surely though the amplification is a concern for you guys on stage night after night. Do you wear ear plugs?


Pat’s Answer:

hi christine,

in fact, wolftrap is a slightly unique situation - because it is operated by the u.s. parks dept - they have some weird rules and regulations there - one is that you have to use their built in p.a and THEY control the volume level with a combination of threats of fines by a guy walking around with a db meter, and their guys literally with their hands on the volume controls of the power amps. having said that, since we have played there so many times over the years, they like us and seem to trust us there, know that we are serious about trying to get a good sound - so they let us supplement their system with some of our own stuff. but, honestly, if it were up to me, it would be LOUDER when we play there. we play pretty loud, but not rock and roll loud - so earplugs are not really needed.