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--- Jan 05 2013 Go to category
Subject: Sonny Rollins
Category: Other Musicians
From: Joe O'Connor (Ann Arbor, MI)

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Sonny Rollins live last Saturday night in Ann Arbor. He has amazing stamina for a man in his seventies and hasn't lost a step!

Have you ever seen him live or played with him?

If not, what are your thoughts on Sonny's contributions to modern jazz?

As always, thanks for reading these letters from fans and producing incredible music.

Pat’s Answer:

Sonny is one of my major heroes in life, on and off the bandstand. The brief period of time that I got to do gigs with him was a real highlight in my musical life. There was a run of quartet gigs in there where Bob Cranshaw was playing bass and Al Foster was playing drums that was just incredible - sadly none of those gigs were recorded. Sonny continues to be a force and a true giant.