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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Desert Island CD's
Category: General Questions
From: KC JAM (KC)

What five records would you like to have on the mythical desert island?

Pat’s Answer:

That's always a hard one; and it changes from day to day. Today it would be:

  • Four and More by Miles Davis. ...Especially for the way Miles plays on "Seven Steps To Heaven" and the relaxed quality the rhythm section has even while they're rushing those already incredible fast tempos!

  • Smokin' At The Half Note by Wes Montgomery. The greatest guitar playing I've ever heard.

  • Anything by Joe Henderson. That guy always inspires me with his freedom to go in any melodic direction at any point in any phrase.

  • Anything by Freddie Hubbard. Is there any living jazz musician who has played consistently great on more important records who gets less credit?

  • And Footloose by Paul Bley, which revolutionized harmony and melody for three generations of musicians. It's still as modern sounding today as the day it was recorded.