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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Toninho Horta and Celia Vaz
Category: Other Musicians
From: Mauricio Gouvea (Rio de Janeiro / Brasil)

Hi Pat. I´m "carioca". I love your music since I have heard your guitar solo in "Manuel, o audaz" from the second Toninho Horta´s album. I´m a Celia Vaz´s friend and she was telling me that you met toninho for the first time in her house or something like that. Please, tell me about how you first met Celia, the recording sessions of "Mutacao" (in first Celia´s album) with your great solo guitar in this song and when you started to make contact with Toninho´s work. An album with Toninho would be great. What do you think about that ?

Pat’s Answer:

hi mauricio,

well, both toninho and celia are two of my all time favorite people and musicians. i just love both of them so much and i wish i could see them both more.

celia and i used to do little gigs together a long time ago in boston, and she was the first person to really sit me down and show me how to play a bossa nova right! she was an excellent teacher, and i think she still teaches alot, and i know her students must love her.

i played on her record and toninho's record at around the same time, in the early 80's during my first trip down there. in both cases, it was very exciting and kind of exotic for me to be in the studio with these great brasilian musicians, playing some pretty complicated and very hip music. i remember during toninho's date, that he handed me a lead sheet that was totally unreadable for me, in that it was written with terms like "Do maj 7, Re min 9, etc" as opposed to the english equiv. i remember something about an "h" chord being in there! so i had to go chord by chord and decipher it. celia's was easier, because she had spent so much time in the states and could pre-translate for me! it would be nice to do some more someday with both of them!

muito obrigado