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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Montreal 89 Video. Is it possible ?
Category: General Questions
From: Mauricio Gouvea (Brazil)


I was reading here in "question & answer" that you consider that night in Montreal 89 was one of the great gigs of PMG ever. 120,000 people I thing it was your bigger audience. I had an opportunitty to see an edited video here in Brazil and it was a great show indeed. How this show was broadcasted and the copy is pretty good, do you have some interest in releasing this video, despite this is a show occurred almost ten years ago ? "First Circle" is marvelous in this gig...

Pat’s Answer:

it's funny, i saw that same broadcast of that same show in brasil, during the time i used to live down there. i didn't even know it existed. i doubt if it will ever surface again. i noticed around that time that all kinds of weird things used to show up on brasilian tv that i knew must have been "unlicensed", to say the least. does that still go on? i bet it has gotten much more conservative in relation to jazz broadcasts down there like the rest of the world has.