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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pat in Mexico
Category: Touring
From: Jimmy Andrade (Juarez, Mexico)

Pat, I live in Juarez, Mexico, the border next to El Paso, TX. I traveled to Albuquerque to see you live performing as Pat Metheny Trio on 9/26/98, finally, the dream of hearing my favorite musician live came true.

There are a lot of PM/PMG fans all around Mexico, in fact, other jazz musicians like Chick Corea, had experienced wonderful concerts and very respectful audiences.

It would be great to have a PM/PMG concert in Mexico City and/or Monterrey, where usually the big international music concerts are being held, although it's closer for Chihuahua state fans to travel to attend shows in TX, NM, AZ, it would be an honor to have Pat Metheny in Mexico for the first time ever.

Any plans for that?



P.S. I have a lot of serious contacts that could help a Mexican PM/PMG tour to take place.

Pat’s Answer:

i hope we will get the chance to play in mexico someday. it is kind of unbelievable that we have played all over the world, and in 25 years have never visited the country right next door. i'm sure it will happen, i hope soon.