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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pat on Trumpet?
Category: Early Experiences
From: KC JAM (KC)

A little known fact about your musical beginnings is that you actually started out on trumpet. Of course as even the most everyday music fan already knows, the trumpet reigns supreme in the vast majority of musical situations by virtue of the fact that it is so difficult to play and because it has such a noble and dignified heritage. What is the real reason you abandoned The Most Important Instrument In The Orchestra and switched to guitar?

Pat’s Answer:

Because the guitar, while admittedly less noble, has the advantage of being able to make a sound without causing major pain to my mouth! (laughs) Seriously, I still do "think" like a trumpet player... I'm always thinking "trumpet" even though I've got that guitar strapped around my neck. And you know, I still wish I were a trumpet player!