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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: james taylor
Category: Specific Tunes
From: paul hebert (montreal/canada)

dear pat,

I love the Ballad Book cd....knowing how highly you think of James Taylor, I can imagine it was a real thrill for you to get to play with him. I wonder if you can settle a bet for me about "the nearness of you".

A buddy of mine is convinced(mostly because it's a fairly intricate arrangement, and he doesn't apprecciate that James is a great musician, even though he's not a "jazz singer") it's all overdubs, especially James' vocals.But I figure that it's all one take, seeing as how the band members (including James) are all among the best in the world on their respective instruments. Dinner rides on your answer!



Pat’s Answer:

hi paul,

james came in, sat down in the booth and sang with us while we were all playing - no overdub session needed. his musicianship is pretty amazing - basically every take sounded like a finished record. he totally impressed all of us with his ablility to fit right in with the loose feeling of the date. honestly - i can't say that i was at all surprised. every time i have ever been to any of his concerts i have walked away just knocked out with the way he is able to make each note do its thing, perfectly in tune and in time. i knew that he would kick ass in a situation like this and he did. he is a great musician and you're right - it was a total thrill to get to work with him like that.

thanks for writing in from pat