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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: Pop sound in Minuano on Still Life
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Dave Ridnell (Albany, CA USA)

This question has come up a few times in the American Garage and I thought I should ask you, since there is still some debate on it. What is that "popping" sound that one hears right between the intro section to Minuano on Still Life Talking and the main head/line? I personally think it is very cool. Some say its a finger pop in the mouth, others say a woodblock and some say its you muting a string on your guitar, or something to that effect. I think its probably the latter. I also have heard a somewhat similar sound in between tunes at shows and don't know if its intentional but again something about it is cool.

Anyway, your music is truly special and somehow it has had a wonderful effect on my life. Thanks for everything and looking forward to the next PMG tour.

Dave Ridnell

Pat’s Answer:

hi dave,

for years, i have had the habit of holding down the strings with my left hand to make them muffled and picking the e string with my right to a)make sure it is on b) make sure that it is the right reverb setting and c) cue david oakes at the soundboard that i am about to start playing.

i did this on that track in the studio, and we just decided to leave it in.

thanks for writing in from pat