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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: Buckethead
Category: Other Musicians
From: Alex Khan (Phoenix, AZ)

Have you ever heard of or listened to this mind-boggling rock guitarist? He's a fusion of avant funk, nu-metal, atonal soundscapes, amusement park theme music, with the most "terrifying" chops this side of the slaughterhouse. He made a landmark album (Transmutation) with a group called Praxis in the early 90's with musicians like Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, and Bernie Worrell (of Parliament/Funkadelic fame). Just curious if you've ever heard of this eccentric and trailblazing guitarist. I think you'd find him very interesting although I could understand if his stuff isn't your cup of tea.

Pat’s Answer:

hi alex,

sure - i have been following bucketheads thing closely since he came on the scene about 10 years ago now. he is an interesting player that has found a way of dealing with the instrument techinically that is really extraordinary. he also seems pretty fearless as an improvisor in the best sense of the word. i always try to stay up on what he is doing and i always enjoy hearing him. i think i heard that he is going to join guns and roses or something like that? i may skip that one...axl's vibrato doesn't really do it for me... but i am sure that buckethead will bring something hip to the table.

thanks for writing in from pat