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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: practicing
Category: Improvisation/Soloing
From: stephen guerrera (lawrence,ma USA )

is it better to get comfotable in a certain key and/or rhythm, to be to gain confidence in soloing,(one or two keys at a time) or would it be better to study scales. on a lighter note, i thoroughly enjoyed the concert the group played in lowell, ma back in 1988ish been a fan ever since.

Pat’s Answer:

hi stephen,

yes, i think everyone has keys, and especially tempos, that they feel more comfortable in than others. what i have noticed though is that over time, all keys start to become equal in their weight. this can take years, and i do think you have to really work on it. generally, i do think that playing tunes in different keys and at different tempos is a great way to learn about the tunes themselves and music in general. scales and arpeggios can be excellent supplements to that kind of practicing.

glad you are still enjoying the music.

best from pat