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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: Records w/Mike Metheny...
Category: General Questions
From: Marek Pasieczny (Poland)

Lately, I start to listen some records of your brother - Mike.There is one tune,it's called"Lakeview Ballad"-lovely ballad... You play there solo(excellent-of course,as usually).Did yuo planning jointly some records,playing etc.with Mike, in the near future? Thanks for yours answer!For as(a fans)it's really important!

Pat’s Answer:

hi marek,

mike is such a great musician - and a really good composer too - lakeview ballad is probably my favorite too.

as a matter of fact, mike has a new record out and i got to play on it too. you can get it at i always love playing with him and hope we will do more in the future. check it out!

best from pat