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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Map of the World
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Ross Evans (UK)

Hi Pat,

Just had to let you know that I've just been listening to your incredibly beautiful 'Map of the World' soundtrack a lot lately, and I think that the main theme is one of the most moving pieces ever written. Time seems to stand still while it’s playing; it’s so moving. Many, many thanks for this superb album.

My question is this - is this piece available in tab?

Best wishes,

Ross Evans

Pat’s Answer:

hi ross,

thanks, and i am glad you enjoy that piece. no, there is no tab version of it (honestly, i am non-believer in tab myself) - but it can be found in the recent songbook of our stuff that hal leonard put out recently.

i always love to see how far one can push what on the surface seem to be simple "guitar chords" to move in non-diatonic ways, moving into other keys without really seeming to modulate. that piece is an example of that kind of writing. the emotional aspect of it goes beyond the techical side, however, especially in this case. it is hard to try to achieve the result that you describe - but i have always felt that if you can line up the sounds in the right way, you actually have the chance to mess with time itself, or at least create an illusion of doing that.

again, glad you are enjoying the music.

best from pat