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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Solo over "Noche de Ronda
Category: General Musical Conception
From: Luis Cervantes (Toluca,Mexico)

Hi Pat, I have been listening to Charlie Haden's cd where you played on a tune called "Noche de Ronda". I was wondering how do you prepare for a project like that.Do you do extensive research over the original styles? Because going from things like "A map of the world" to latin styles just like that must seem like a long way from home. A think that besides the solo you absolutely nailed the rhythm part,I have played guitar for Armando Manzanero as a sideman and the pattern you used is exactly the way he demands,(most American guitarists even of latin descent approach it as bossa nova) boleros to be played like, on the other side of the coin it sounds just like you which is great.

Thanks for all these years of great music,hope to see you someday in Mexico with your group. Luis Cervantes

Pat’s Answer:

hi luis,

thank you so much. honestly, i originally told charlie "no" when he asked me to play on that record - simply because i have so much respect for the way that that music has evolved and in particular the specific rhythmic role that the guitar needs to fill when playing that particular groove -- and i really wasn't sure i could do it justice. i did my best to fit in with the beautiful rhythmic tapestry created by gonzalo and the rhythm section. i spent a few days listening to tapes of those grooves trying to figure out that "other side of the coin" from a bossa nova thing that you are talking about. it was in the end an honor to participate in that record. and charlie once again made an amazing recording - i admire his vision so much. thanks again, luis - i appreciate the kind words.

best from pat m.